Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rather Red

This is a photoshoot I did with one of my friends, Tasha Whyte. If you've followed along, you might have seen her a while back with a drawing on her hand, out in the middle of a nice sunny day.

However, sunny days are hard to come by at this time of year, so we decided to do some indoor photos. Luckily, our local theatre was unguarded for a few hours, and we snuck in one day after a rehearsal to do some photos on the stage. Stage lights of course are nice and bright, thus why I chooseded the place :P

Rather Red Part 2

This is the second batch of photos featuring Tasha.

After turning off everything but the very bright stage lights, I realized the lights from the stage lights were pretty much perfect to illuminate the subject (Tasha) :P

We spent some time trying various poses. I didn't just want to get close ups and head shots, as Tasha brought a rather nifty pair of boots that I thought worked really well with the colour and style of the dress.

The last shot in this batch is one of my favorites, it took me a number of trys to get correct :)

Rather Red Part 3

This is the last batch of photos featuring Tasha. 

At one point, Tasha was sitting with her mind wandering, a million miles away. I took the opportunity to grab a few quick photos before she noticed :P Thanks to Madonna for the inspiration for the last photo in this set, the vogue pose :)

Additionally, thanks again to Tasha for being in the photos :D

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

King For a Day

My friend Dave needed a few shots for an acting portfolio/resume and I sure didn't mind helping him out. Taking a moment or two,  we whipped through and out came these pretty rad photos in no time at all.  

King For a Day Part 2

More shots of Dave for his acting resume.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Steel My Heart Away...

We return to the steel mill, and this time I brought help. My friends Anthony and Tasha wanted to see the abandoned steel mill, and get some photos there. I was happy to have them tag along :)

Once done, I realized that Anthony, in his photos, looked like he was gonna break off my thumbs because I just pissed off the local mob boss. It's a good thing he didn't, because then I wouldn't have taken any more photos.

The two of them make a good couple, and good models, so I'm glad I brought them to the mill, and I'm extremely happy that the photos turned out more or less exactly as I hoped, thanks to these two :D

Steel My Heart Away Part 2

The chains here were a part of an overhead crane and pulley system, but who really cares what they WERE used for, they make for a great photo :)

We also found a pair of welding goggles around the shop, and anthony was kind enough to model them for the camera.

The skirt was a shot that was suggested to me by my friend Alishia, and I'm glad she did.

The last photo was actually the last shot we did, as the light from the window was fading. I had to play around in photoshop with this one, because the lighting was extremely dark.

It was worth it :D

Steel My Heart Away Part 3

The Steel Mill is one of the best places to take portraits, the lighting inside is fantastic when you know the proper places. However, lighting isn't as important as models that know what they're doing, and look good doing it :)

Tasha pretty much did what I wanted her to do, with only the most incoherant explanations as to what I wanted in the photo :P

However, sometimes she would break out laughing, which I didn't really mind :D

Anthony also is very good in the background. He can... background like no one I've ever seen.

Steel My Heart Away Part 4

This batch of photos was once again in the area called the Tombstones. I can't seem to stay away from it, it just looks so cool. You can see the other photos of the area I posted previously.

The dirt floor was mostly made of slag and metal bits from the milling process; Tasha seemed to like it.

Nearby, Anthony was climbing the stairs, looking like Hannibal Lecter all the while.

Steel My Heart Away Part 5

This last batch of photos are more of Anthony and Tasha together. The two make such a wonderful couple, I couldn't help but include these photos :)

The workshop we photographed in had two massive windows, and shooting with the window behind me allowed the maximum amount of light to focus on the couple.

Thanks to Tasha and Anthony for letting me take photos of them, and putting up with my mumblings about poses and facial expressions when directing them :D  I hope you both enjoy the resultant photos, and hope to work with you both, again.