Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Steel Mill Part 5

This is possibly the coolest place I've been to, in recent memory. I'm posting these in reverse, so while technically this is the first of the posts, I'm putting the last of the photographs here.

This last batch of photos consists of the large and empty West Bay. It is where the steel rods and cables were stored before they were shipped out. The first few photos are of some rubble, but the next two sort of give you a sense of scale of the building. Well... not really. The building surely could have hosted at least 4 soccer feilds, and the technician with us told me that each of the lights in the ceiling were 1000 watt bulbs.


The last photo is my favorite of this batch, possibly all of the batches, it's of the ceiling mounted crane, still sitting there after three years of abandonment.

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