Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time to Fight Fire w/ Fire

Here is part three in the "dude fighting a dragon" series. I'm pretty proud of the drawing I did here, though I'm not so happy with the dudes face, and the colouring so much.

Either way, still good. Maybe NEXT time I'll draw the dragon.

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Myles said...

hey man, im really intriuged by your art i saw, in wich u were drawing on people, in permanent marker, i have a tattoo session booked in in a couple of months, and was wondering if you would help me design my tat, i am a rap producer by night, and love stuff like shure sm58 mics, mpc 1000, old style speakers, andvines, and im thinking of having my sons name jahy kyron 4.11.07, on the inside of my left arm with a vine growing around the letters, emal me at if youthink you could help. i woudl appreiate this, as wen i saw ur art, it was exactlt what i was looking for