Sunday, August 12, 2007

Beautiful Flower on a Beautiful Girl

This is one done for my friend, Kat. For her birthday, I told her that I wanted to draw on her back. She even gave me her entire back to use as her canvas, for which I am grateful, for the end result is quite stunning. The drawing of a flower on her shoulder was the only part I had designed before I started, and followed the drawing I posted earlier.

I didn't even tell her what I was drawing until I showed her the final product :P She managed to trust me, and was super shocked when she saw the photo of what was on her back.

Thanks to Kat, for lending me her back.

The drawing took approx 2 hours to finish, and, as usual, was done in black marker.


Meredith Palmer said...

That is absolutely beautiful!

I am looking for an artist to do something quite similar...but i have specific ideas in mind.

This piece is an inspiration.


janetmarie said...

WOW! that is amazing!! what an awesome gift you have!!!