Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Butterfly and Her Messenger God

A pair of drawings my friend Stephanie. During our recent poker game, I managed to lose my money pretty early, and Steph offered her back as a canvas, to which I took advantage, with a butterfly. She liked it so much, she got me to draw something on her ankle, and I decided to draw a wing, symbolic of the messenger God Hermes, who had winged sandals. Or, of the Flash. Whichever :P

Thanks to Steph, for lending her back and ankle. Hope you like them.


carolinagirl517 said...

Hi, Somehow I cam across your blog and your drawing when i searched google for some hand drawn tattoo designs and I just wanted to let you know that I love your style of drawing and its amazing. I am thinking about getting a tattoo and your designs and drawing just amaze me and are a great inspiration to what i want but unfortunatly I can't draw :)

Oolau "Groove" Manicotti said...

Hey, thanks!

I really like drawing on people, it's a really nice medium for art... I seriously respect people who do tattoos and stuff, even though I only use marker :) When this damned Canadian winter goes away, I'm totally going to be doing more tattoo designs.

What is it that you're thinking of getting, tattoo wise?

kyu-ree said...

hey, groove! great drawings!!!
I actually had the idea for a tattoo like that! wings like Hermes! And your blog was the only thing that came up on google so I guess that it's still kinda original ;)

Leshrac said...

wooow ....i think you are the only person i found on google havin the exact tattoo i wanted :hermes wings......rock on ....ur tattoo tules

Anonymous said...

So would you be wiling to design a tattoo for some extra $?